Welcome to my studio.  To create great video one needs experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and an excellent working environment.  At David Laks Video, located in Mount Tremper NY,  I’ve worked hard to achieve all of these goals.


Whether you come to my studio or need me to come to you I am prepared with the experience and right equipment to make your story shine.


I have accumulated a true arsenal of Visual and Sound equipment.  This makes me prepared to take on all types of video and audio projects.  Having the correct equipment coupled with years of experience and training makes the job look and sound better.


Some of this equipment includes:


Quality Cameras:  To capture the best images possible to share your story.


Great Lighting: LED, Tungsten, and Fluorescent, to keep the talent or product illuminated correctly and to get your story seen.


Strong Audio: Wired and wireless with a cornucopia of excellent microphones for all types of applications and situations.  To help get your story heard.


Camera stabilizers: To keep the talent steady and focused.


Teleprompters: To scroll the lines of text from your story, so you don’t have to memorize what needs to be said.


Specialized Rigging: Car mounts, instrument mounts, head mounts, and other creative mounts to offer a variety of possibilities to capture your story.


Visualize Your Story.  Call me, I’m here to help.

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